Elizabeth Kilcoyne
2 min readJun 8, 2022


Dear Readers, I sent a shorter version of this letter to The Boston Globe.

The message from the highest court and Congress is alarmingly clear: YOU DON’T MATTER, and you no longer have reproductive freedom in the United States unless your state gives it to you. Women can no longer determine whether or when child bearing is right for them, and although the court has not made a final decision, it has become a political institution like Congress. It has warped the balance of power, and is no longer the check and balance for America. In a CBS/YouGov poll conducted after the Supreme Court leak, 64% of respondents said they wanted Roe v. Wade kept as is, while 36% said they wanted the Supreme Court to overturn it.

What now? If THEY will not represent most Americans, we’ll have to do it ourselves!

We need a majority of pro-choice women and men in leadership in city councils, statehouses, Congress and the courts. Let’s focus attention on critical elections in the US Senate: Val Demings of Florida; Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire; Mark Kelly of Arizona; and Raphael Warnock of Georgia and other worthy candidates. We can help with financial contributions, post carding, phone calling, and door knocking (depending on health restrictions). Others are ensuring Massachusetts remains a reproductive freedom state that welcomes women from unfriendly states.

The important thing is that we act to protect our freedom. Damn the inevitable! Action equals empowerment and potentially creates a different outcome. We can do this!