Since 1973 Legal Abortion has been a Constitutional Right!

And we’re still fighting to keep abortions legal and safe decades later. It’s hard to remember that the right to privacy was the basis for Roe v. Wade. Governments in many states are acting to block safe reproductive medical procedures during the pandemic. More than a dozen states have tried to limit or totally ban access to safe abortions. Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas are leading the pack. They are characterizing reproductive health care as non-essential health services during the pandemic.

One especially egregious example of state power is in Texas. Between bans on abortions, lawsuits, and federal judge rulings, access to safe abortions was denied and restored eight times so far during the pandemic!

After playing political and legal chicken during April and May, most states restored access to safe abortions. During this time, appointments were canceled. Women were confused and misled about whether they could get abortions safely in their states. The ones who could afford it traveled to other states. The rest were on their own.

What happened to the Supreme Court’s affirmation in 1973 that access to safe and legal abortion is a constitutional right? Thank you, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the many local lawyers and associations that filed suits and the judges that blocked the bans. It shouldn’t be this hard to access our rights!

What can we do to STOP this invasion of our privacy?

Nevada is increasing access to safe abortions. Their legislature is over 50% women, pro-choice women. This is no coincidence! We are working every day to elect pro-choice women at all levels of government.

Forbes magazine suggests there are three ways to elect women in 2020:

1. Recognize that women can win!

2. Support women candidates with your wallet! (I modified this one)

3. Vote! Use your voice and vote for who you believe to be best suited for the office.

I have transferred my regular annual donations (except Planned Parenthood and ACLU) this year to pro-choice women running for office. A Democratic senate and a decent president will at least provide universal healthcare for all people and continue safe, legal abortions for women.

One hundred sixteen (116) million women are eligible to vote in the US. Here is some alarming information about women voting in 2016:

· Eighty-four (84)million women were registered to vote.

· Seventy-four (74)million women voted!

· Ten (10)million registered and 32 million unregistered women did not vote!

· Forty-two (42)million votes were missing from women for women!!!!!

When pro-choice women make the laws, everyone has respectful access to safe abortions, and we can turn our thoughts and energy to other important issues like poverty, universal healthcare, pollution, education, and other basic rights of American citizens and residents.

In 2020, whatever the question, VOTING for pro-choice WOMEN is the answer!

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